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Advanced Planning Challenges in the Aircraft Industry

Published by Maxime Godenne On 24 Jan 2019

Aircraft Industry in Context

The European Aircraft Industry is currently facing several major challenges: accelerating the development of its activity, implementing new schemes adapted to changing transport habits, dealing with the sharp rise in oil prices and the ever-growing constraints linked to the environment.

These challenges call into question the current development model with the implementation of programs based on improving process efficiency and capitalizing on supplier skills, which are major performance drivers in terms of co-investment and risk sharing.

In this context, the European Aircraft Industry is undergoing a major mutation that covers industrial aspects, supply chain, supplier relations and growth models.

The planning challenges

  1. Improve upstream planning
  2. Respond to the specific constraints of the sector
  3. Adapt to a competitive and international environment that requires permanent management
  4. Adapt to customer demand by moving to a Service Rate model
  5. Meeting the needs of a Supply Chain strategy

Making long-term forecasts while ensuring that the company's objectives are met are nowadays the challenges of the planning process. Whether it is capacity planning, order commitment, flow optimization or scheduling, it is critical to rely on suitable solutions that provide better visibility while facilitating collaboration at all levels of the Supply Chain.

It is based on these contexts and challenges that Constraints-based Planning & Scheduling tool provide a sustainable performance lever that is part of a Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) approach.

Planilog and the Aircraft Industry

Advanced and integrated planning is our core business. As experts in flow optimization, we rely on the needs expressed by our thousands of users to create planning models that are scalable and adapted to customer demand. Our modules use proven algorithmic optimization processes that offer you the ability to automate recurring planning and scheduling tasks while allowing you to manage constraints in real time.

The Planilog solution

  • Plan and manage your activity in real time
  • Support your strategic planning processes
  • Evolving towards Lean demand with JIT Planning
  • Model advanced resource planning modes and scheduling techniques under constraints
  • Centralize your data for resource optimization

Companies all know they need to protect their supply chain, the real question is how to do it efficiently and in a profitable way.

Yves Laurisse, Planilog CEO

Planilog modules are natively integrated, flexible and customizable. The solution includes multi-level hierarchies, multiple units of measurement, configurable environments, graphical views, alerts and analyses by exception.

Whether you are a system integrator, engine manufacturer, equipment manufacturer, level 1 or 2 subcontractor, you will find the Planilog solution adapted to your needs.

Our core features

  1. Planning orders according to the resources and components availability
  2. Workload allocation according to skills
  3. Prioritization and workload anticipation
  4. Cycle-Time Reduction
  5. Increased visibility to meet commitments (Capable-To-Promise)
  6. Service Rate Improvement

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Planilog optimizes AIR FRANCE's maintenance operations by planning the arrival of aircraft and all the work to be carried out in all business sectors.

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Planilog supports the production operations of LISI AEROSPACE, which is specialized in the manufacturing of fasteners (screws, nuts, etc.) and components for aircraft structures.

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Planilog optimizes JET AVIATION's maintenance operations with more than 1000 online users worldwide: Basel, Geneva, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong airports.

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