Aircraft maintenance activities planning

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AFI KLM E&M In Context

Leading group in terms of intercontinental traffic from Europe, Air France-KLM is a global airline player. Its main activities are the air transport of passengers, freight and aircraft maintenance.

Trading under the commercial names of Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance, the group's Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) arm plays a strategic role in the group's ongoing development. With nearly 14,000 employees, 200 international customers, 2,000 aircraft supported and 600,000 parts in stock, AFI KLM E&M provides MRO services as well as a whole raft of requirements ranging from safeguarding air safety, properly managing aircraft operation, and minimizing costs.

Meeting the customers requirements

To meet the needs of its internal and external customers, AFI KLM E&M wanted to optimize the planning of maintenance activities over a time horizon ranging from 18 months to 10 years depending on the availability of loads and resources.

The Planilog modular and collaborative resource planning solution was therefore implemented and deployed in several divisions as part of aircraft maintenance.

Upstream of the project, AFI KLM E&M used the ISRA method (Integral and Systematic Risk Analysis) to understand the links between needs. Based on this work beforehand, KLM E&M and Planilog were able to operate in good understanding by applying an iterative Agile method to ensure the success of the project.

The Planilog users are divided into 3 distinct profiles, about 20 employees have a role as planners, 50 employees have access to reading and consultation, 500 to 700 employees receive a customized copy of the planning in PDF format.

Staff members in Planning Mode

Staff members in View Mode

500 to 700
Staff members receiving Planning by emails

Planilog's Business Rule Management Engine

From the outset, the collaborative dimension of the Planilog solution enabled AFI KLM E&M to spread the information suited to each entity over all the services concerned. Mr. Loïc Alcindor, AMO Manager, explains "Planilog is much more responsive than the tool we had before. The solution is collaborative and allows us to work with internal contributors and our partners."

This freedom in sharing information has contributed to a significant time saving for AFI LM E&M planners.

In the meantime, Planilog's business rule management engine is one of the solution's major strengths, allowing the integration of a wide range of constraints to be planned as well as the creation and simulation of multiple scenarios. Depending on the hazards and priorities, Planilog allows you to make the best decision among the hypotheses retained. "With Planilog, we have a good vision of long-term planning but we can also adjust it in real time. Also, the tool allows us to be more responsive and flexible." concludes Mr. Alcindor.

With Planilog, we achieve significant productivity gains. The app is ergonomic and intuitive, our employees are very satisfied with it.

Loïc Alcindor