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Present in more than 23 countries, with 3,400 employees worldwide, and a turnover of 253 million euros, CMI Services contributes 27% to the overall CMI Group. CMI Services is a maintenance and project management specialist manufacturing and public-sector infrastructure management. It is one of five operations within the Group, which includes CMI Energy, CMI Defense, CMI Industry and CMI Environment.

CMI Services supports manufacturers and public infrastructure managers in assembly, project management, facility maintenance and modernization. Their customers are located worldwide and represent a variety of industries such as chemistry, iron and steel, urban and rail transport, river, maritime and port authorities, energy production, automotive, aeronautical, etc. The group’s purpose is to meet the technical and economic objectives of these manufacturers, while ensuring the integrity of their maintenance policy.

This aim requires CMI Services’ teams to implement maintenance engineering and Maintenance in Operational Condition (MOC) specially adapted for each situation. To improve the operational reliability of facilities while controlling risk and achieving a higher level of performance, CMI Services uses methods based on Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM).


 Each entity undertakes the planning for projects and sites within its catchment area, which can be geographical, by trade activity, or by industry. To reinforce this proximity and increase its responsiveness to customers, CMI Services wanted to optimize the management of internal, temporary and subcontracted resources. The scalable and collaborative Planilog resource planning solution was therefore chosen for implementation and deployment.

To respond to challenges, the lines of work defined by CMI Services were clear:

  • Visualize the real-time, short-term, medium-term and long-term workload of each collaborator;
  • Anticipate and optimally manage overload activity peaks in a territory; 
  • Automatically distribute employees between different entities as needed.


+ 2%
Savings of 35,000 hours in subcontracting and temporary employees

Employee hours reduced

Estimated time spent


The success of this project depended on the implementation of a project team that was divided into working groups to anticipate and manage the transition. The resulting work has made it possible to identify and centralize the definition of the requirements of the different entities:

  • mapping information flows for existing tools and solutions;
  • creation of flow-charts to detail workflow and processes.

The project team ultimately drafted specifications detailing the expectations (SLO - Service Level Objectives), an indispensable tool for elaborating the framing study that followed, with their chosen partner.

Beyond the generic features expected from a planning solution, choosing Planilog allowed CMI Services to:

  • Implement a planning system that integrates HR constraints - qualification, certification, training, employee absences;
  • Improve productivity in compliance with local regulations. By integrating completely with its environment and with the group’s ERP, the Planilog solution avoids data re-entry, and allows for real-time measurement of each employee’s working time, while offering feedback on time consumed that takes relevant constraints into account.
  • Simplify the clocking in and out process, Planilog eliminates errors in employee hours clocked.

We have optimized each of our resources and achieved significant gains: 35,000 hours of work saved, representing a 2% increase in productivity.

Cédric Lacoste

Operations Director, France North East Region