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A Lean Manufacturing approach to improve productivity.

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FM Logistics, one of the leading international logistics players, offers a complete supply chain management service (warehousing and handling, transport & distribution, , co-packing and co-manufacturing). Independent and family-owned for more than 50 years, the group is recognized as an expert in consumer goods, retail, industry, beauty/cosmetics and health markets. 

26,200 employees control 3.9 million sq. m. (41 million sq. ft.) of warehouse space and a fleet of 3,500 vehicles, FM Logistics turned 1.178 billion euros in revenues for 2017.


FM Logistic has warehouses ranging in size from between 80,000m² (860,000 sq. ft.) and 130,000m² (1.4 million sq. ft.) and using different WMS (Warehouse Management System) solutions.

The  transit time of goods on the loading docks is therefore a major challenge to increase productivity and reduce delays. To meet this challenge, FM Logistic has relied on a Lean & Continuous Improvement approach to define and build a solution based on the experience and field practices of its employees.

storage area


Order processing

5 to 10%
administrative task management time reduced


In collaboration with the FM Logistic teams, Planilog tailored its standard version application into an advanced scheduling solution based on a  barycenter calculation (one based on the center of gravity between several points) in order to define the optimal loading platform and simplify the dock allocation process. This solution works on an algorithms engine aimed at optimizing distances covered by drivers combined with a real-time vision of dock occupancy (receiving and shipping).

The data assembly gives the Team Manager the ability to fully control his loading docks and advise each driver of fastest routes. Equipment rotation is therefore smoother, and waiting time reduced.The Team Manager also has daily access to statistics allowing him to see gaps between optimal recommendations and reality on the ground. It is a key part of Continuous Improvement process to establish and implement specific actions to reduce those shortfalls. Planilog’s planning and scheduling solution is therefore integrating data from the WMS tools already in place within the group. It fully integrates within the Corporate Information System and contributes to increased productivity. For example, order management process and time spent on administrative tasks decreased by 5 to 10%.

Thanks to its listening quality and the calculation power of its scheduling engine, Planilog perfectly completed our project team, thus contributing to our global performance improvement.

Jean Marc Tolini

Directeur Fonctions Supports France
FM France SAS