A Gantt Chart for Industry Professionals

The stability of a planning model depends on its accuracy and level of detail. Planilog puts agility and flexibility in central focus through a fully customizable and collaborative online Gantt schedule.


Schedule customizing

Define the structure of your Gantt chart (columns, rows, tree structure, number of columns, size ...) and set the activities specific to your business.

Data Imports

Import data with an importing tool (bilateral interface) that accesses your ERP (SAP, Sage, Exact, Cegid, Clipper, Microsoft Dynamics ...) or any other tool within your information system.

Task Organization

Add individual work/manufacturing orders, along with facilities and customer orders using the drag-and-drop function to assign them directly to the relevant resource (machines or personnel).

Strategic Process Integration

Integrate demand planning (forecasts). Support long-term planning (Sales & Operations Planning - S&OP) by planning supplies, production and distribution. Apply Production Planning and Scheduling (Master Production Scheduling - MPS)

Priority and links between tasks

Manually or automatically (through pre-specified ranges) define the sequential links to be followed between each task (duration of individual tasks and between tasks). Apply the parameters of your operating ranges (levels, preparation / adjustment time, execution and finishing).

Production Capacity Identification

Set work periods, closing days and maintenance. Assign skills to resources or resource groups (families). Refine the performance of each of your resources.

Alerts and notifications

Master conflicts and events in your planning. Notify your users by e-mail and text alert, along with regularly scheduled reminders and notifications.

Calendar Visualization

From your GANTT chart, personalize your calendar views according to your task-to-resource assignments.

Time Frame Customizing

Personalize your planning range from 15 minutes to 5 years. For example, manage scheduling with a 10-day outlook and strategic planning through a 5-year forecast.

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