Advanced Planning & Scheduling | APS

APS is an acronym for Advanced Planning & Scheduling. It refers to a constraints-based planning tool that synchronizes and optimizes business workflows. APS integrates all performance-limiting factors faced by a company such as:

- supply lead times

- machine efficiency

- product seasonality

- storage capacity

- delivery lead time

- resources use rate


From sales forecasting to customer delivery, through stock levels and production scheduling, APS allows you to optimize all your processes as a real support decision-making tool from Operational and Supply Chain, to Maintenance and Production managers.


APS operates on three distinct horizons:


- Strategic Horizon:

APS seeks the best compromise between demand and supply constraints in order to optimize costs, margins and service levels.


- Tactical Horizon:

APS optimizes the workload on a workshop or project scale, scheduling supplies, machine resources and workforce needed.


- Operational Horizon:

APS provides a holistic view of how production activities are ordered. It integrates workflow links and dependencies between tasks, identifies bottlenecks and optimizes the scheduling of production orders in real time.


In this way, APS is an essential tool form implementing key planning processes in the company such as Master Production Schedule - MPS, Sales & Operation Planning – S&OP, Material Resource Requirement – MRP, and constitutes a major complementary module of all other information system software such as ERP, HRIS, CAPM, CMMS, etc.

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