Preventive and corrective industrial maintenance

RAM* is a key challenge in improving the level of customer service. Planilog gathers essential functions for planning operations to implement an agile and efficient industrial maintenance strategy.

RAM: Reliability, Availability and Maintainability

How it works ?

All you need to plan and schedule your maintenance operations in real time, maintain the operational capabilities of your production facilities and extend the life of your machines and equipment.

Plan maintenance actions

Develop a preventive maintenance plan that centralizes all current work and provides a visual overview of your activities.

Reduce machine downtime

Optimize your Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) and consolidate maintenance tasks onto one hardware.

Reduce the cost of machine downtime

Choose the best time for maintenance interventions by integrating data outside your CMMS: maintenance team intervention time, weather data, expected production load.

Document your maintenance operations

Integrate document links or procedure guides into scheduled tasks. Simplify the execution of tasks by providing text data for operators.

Manage one-time or unexpected repairs

React effectively in the event of disruptions by developing an emergency maintenance plan that will be integrated into the load plan and taken into account in the calculation of capacities.

Multi-plant scheduling optimization

Anticipate resources multi-plant flows and limit the use of temporary work. Your resources flow smoothly between the different production plants.


CMI Services

Better plan to simplify industrial processes and increase productivity



+ 2 %

Savings of 35,000 hours in subcontracting and temporary employees



spent clocking employee hours reduced

How you benefit ?

Optimizing the utilization rate of your equipment

Planilog allows you to improve Turnaround Time (TAT) and free up production capacity to meet customer demand.

Increased customer satisfaction

Planilog helps you reduce On-Time Delivery by maintaining your level of activity, and meeting time-to-order commitments.

Global Cost Reduction

Planilog optimizes machine downtime and maintenance team workloads.

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