Simple and visual Production Planning

Whether you’re looking at which orders to schedule on which machines, how to sequence tasks or how long they will take, our fully integrated planning and scheduling solution manages your planning with ease.

How it works ?

All you need to plan and schedule your industrial production operations.

Define gross requirements

Establish a Master Production Schedule (MPS) using data from the Sales & Operation Planning (S&OP) over a short or medium-term range and define the gross requirements of finished products to be manufactured.

Schedule work and production orders

Schedule work and production orders entered manually or imported from your ERP based on availability of resources and components and transition to a Lean request with Just-In-Time (JIT) or as soon as possible (ASAP) flow management.

Balance workloads

Develop a load plan based on skills and capabilities and optimize the use of your equipment and your workforce (MRP - Manufacturing Resource Planning).

Fulfill your order commitments

Define a reliable delivery date upon receipt of a new order, and simulate in real time the impact of this potential load on the entire schedule (CTP - Capable To Promise). You increase the rate of customer service by honoring your time to order commitments.

Reduce Cycle Time and Turnaround Time

Anticipate load spikes by defining a smooth, optimized production schedule based on your current capacity (Throughput).


LISI Aerospace

Optimizing Flow Scheduling to Improve On-time Delivery




Orders processed per year


60% to 90%


How you benefit ?

Yield Increase

Constraints-based planning allows you to increase your production capacity without adding resources and while minimizing inventory.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Planilog helps you raise your level of customer satisfaction by reducing delivery times (On-Time Delivery) and fulfilling your customer order commitments.

Reduced Working Capital Requirements

The coordination of sales and production schedules gives you better inventory turnover and acceleration of your cash flow.

Fixed Asset Optimization

Synchronized and updated real-time planning maximizes the utilization rate of your fixed assets.

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