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The export is proposed according to 4 different approaches. The formats are made in CSV or TXT, usable with or without the MS Office suite.


  • Exporting the Gantt:

Selecting this option automatically starts the conversion of your Gantt data (structure and tasks) on all created tasks, and even beyond your selected horizon.

The function is preferred to export your Gantt for interface with another software source. Note that its format can lead to some preliminary formatting work.


  • Exporting

Unlike the previous function, "Export" also presents all the tasks present here but on a clearer column format to read again and more structured to integrate into a spreadsheet.


  • Export selection

This function can be summarized as the export of your visible (or filtered) Gantt Structure, without the tasks.


  • Export descriptions

 This function exports the information contained in the tasks in TXT format, but on a limited number of fields: Name / Description / Resource / Start date / End date / Color + user name and export date.


The other data is not exported.

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