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When you create a task, PLANILOG does not require you to fill in every field. Only the name of the task is obligatory. The start and end dates are automatically filled in according to the task’s position.


It is possible to flesh out all these fields using the function tabs of the task window. Here is a description of what each of those 8 tabs allows you to do.

  • General:

- ID Code: in this blue-shaded banner appears the ID code of the task in the form of a 7-digit number. It is not possible to modify this code.

- Task name: You may name it however you like.

- Description: You can provide further details, for instance, by placing instructions (this field can be moved up to the info-bubble)

- Start time/End time: Here again, you can modify the durations at will. The task will immediately reflect your changes.

- Resource: Here you will find the various resources you’ve created thus far in your Gantt (i.e. the individual rows). They take on the names and descriptions entered in the corresponding fields. You can thus choose to assign a given task to the resource of your choice (this assignment becomes more meaningful with the APS module when it comes time to calculate finite capacity).

Reminder: the choice of a resource is determined by the first column of your Gantt. To adjust that column, you must use the “Edit Headers” tool.

- Color: you can change the default color.


  • Advanced:

The Advanced tab is primarily useful when customizing the data that will be processed by the APS. For now, we’ll look at the most useful fields for simple planning.

- ID code of preceding task: when tasks are linked to each other (preceding and subsequent), the ID code for the linked task will appear here.

- Target date: this date allows you to enter the targeted date/time for completing the task. When this field is filled in, the tasks will display a green border.

- Priority: Check this box to give the task a dotted-line border. This will allow you to - ck urgent tasks or those with higher priority.

Status: Another graphic option for changing the color of the task, in order to manually show its progress within the calendar.

  • APS: (only available in PREMIUM VERSION)
  • Grouping Info:

- Customer/Order/Product Code: you can customize more information about the task here, or import the relevant data from your ERP.

To the extent that these 3 fields are available for display via info-bubble (see Function Bar Menus section below), as well as from the Search feature, it could be helpful to fill them in.

  • Recurrence:

This tab allows you to define recurring tasks that should appear on regular intervals (i.e. weekly), according to a defined period (frequency is not enabled)

  • User fields: (configuration field. Disabled.)
  • Notes: A new space for entering additional descriptive information about the task. You can enter as much data as you like, there is no size limit).
  • Assignment: (configuration field. Disabled)

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