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As a default, you have access to a DayPlanner feature in the basic version of PLANILOG (see Connection section).

This feature works very much along the lines of Outlook, showing you the tasks as daily events in a vertical grid for the day or week. The DayPlanner automatically defaults to the Ungrouped View (see Views section), which allows for clearer legibility for the user.

Despite the presence of a contextual menu that allows you to modify or delete tasks from within the DayPlanner view, these changes will not be saved to the Gantt schedule. Consider the DayPlanner to be a simple Display feature, rather than a data entry or processing tool.

  • Calendar:

It’s possible to sort your DayPlanners by resource, or to display all.

  • Export:

- Export: Exporting your DayPlanners generates a zip file that contains the daily schedules of all the resources in .ICS format. It is then possible to manually import these schedules into your Outlook Calendar (the .ICS format is recognized by Microsoft and the bulk of Corporate Email management applications).

- Print: Generates a PDF version of the week displayed, including all tasks.

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