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4 different export techniques are available in the application, in CSV or TXT format, for export into MS Office suite or not.

  • Exporting the Gantt :

Choosing this option automatically commences converting the date from your Gantt (both structure and tasks) across all the tasks you’ve created, and even outside of the specified time frame.

This option should be used when exporting your Gantt data to be used by another software. Note that its formatting could require some reformatting within the data files before importing them into a different software interface.

  • Export

Un like the first option, Export also displays all the tasks in your Gantt, but in column form that is easier to read or integrate in a spreadsheet.

  • Export selection

This selection will export the visible (or filtered/sorted) portions of your Gantt, without the tasks.

  • Export descriptions

This option exports (in TXT format) all the data contained within the tasks, but in a limited number fields: Name/Description/Resource/Start Date/End Date/ Color as well as the user’s name and date of export.

No other data or fields will be exported.

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