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As you know, the Planilog solution consists of two pieces: 

• The first focuses on solving most activity planning and scheduling issues through a simple and visual interface.

• The second responds to industrial and business issues more oriented to constraints-based optimization. 

This quick-start manual is designed to simplify your first steps working in the Planilog app and to add to your knowledge about the different features available.

The manual is divided into 6 sections, each corresponding to a part of the Planilog interface, shown below :

  • 3 : Gantt chart reporting structure
  • 4 : Settings Bar and Gantt chart display
  • 5 : Tasks
  • 6 : Time frame overview
  • 7 : Function Bar menus
  • 8 : Features

This symbol highlights an especially useful hinr for optimal use of the solution.  

This symbol indicates advice concerning a key concept, limit or restriction that you should follow in order to obtain the most effective use of the solution.

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