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The overview time frame is an essential concept within PLANILOG. The overview reflects the period of time you wish to display in your schedule, and becomes the basis for any data reporting or measurements.

If a task is not found within the selected time frame, it won’t be displayed or take into account in most displays or calculations.

You can directly set the overview time frame you want in the configuration panel for this feature by choosing a range.

Your overview must span at least three days, and a maximum of five years.

Generally speaking, it’s advisable to restrict the time frame of your overview to the period you wish to analyze. In fact, a 5-year overview could hamper the display times in your browser.

We also recommend that you do NOT check the box marked “Set current date with each new connection:” It is preferable to stick to your configured time range, while using the Today View button when you wish to quickly consult the current day’s activity

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